TV Review: ‘The Walking Dead’: Season 6, Episode 8

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Last night was the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Overall, the episode was good but the ending was boring. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Highlight reel! Ron tried to shoot Carl but failed. The Wolf was able to knock Morgan out and escape his cell with Denise as a hostage, all thanks to Morgan being an idiot and fighting Carol to protect the Wolf. Aside from taking up space, Eugene can pick locks. Deanna gets bit and remains in the house to become a tasty treat. She had the opportunity to kill herself but chose to shoot the walkers instead. Also, It took Glenn and Enid an hour to climb a fucking tree.

As the walkers make their way into the homes, we get to revisit the past. At this point, Rick knows that if they stay in the house, everyone is going to die. Rick and Michonne take out two walkers and carry them upstairs. The group proceeds to covers themselves in the blood and guts of the freshly sliced walkers. As they walk outside, Sam starts to call for his mother, and that is where the episode ends. I understand that the noise will cause a shit storm, but this wasn’t thrilling or jaw-dropping in any way.

After the ending, there was a prologue that aired during a commercial break for Into the Badlands. By the way, thanks for that AMC, you rating manipulating bastards. The scene follows Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl as they pull up to a group of bikers in the middle of the road. The bikers demand all of their weapons, personal belongings, and the truck they came in. We learn that the group of bikers work for a guy named Negan.

The episode felt incredibly short. The pace led me on to believe that maybe this was going to be a two-hour finale… nope. Hopefully, the introduction of Negan will spice the story up, but AMC needs to step it up. Although still relatively entertaining at points, The Walking Dead is losing its bite.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead will return Sunday, February 14, 2016.

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