TV Review: ‘The Walking Dead’: Season 6, Episode 7

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Glenn on dumpster in The Walking Dead

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Last night, Glenn’s fate was revealed and all fans of The Walking Dead were trolled. We saw it coming and yet, we pulled our pants down and unenthusiastically waited for it. The opening scene took the award for the biggest cop-out in the show’s history. Glenn was miraculously able to crawl out from under his meat shield and take shelter under a dumpster. Eventually, the walkers, unable to reach Glenn, became so bored and discouraged that they abandoned all hope and left Glenn alone. Yeah, ok.

I still have hope for The Walking Dead, but I think George A. Romero hit the nail on the head when he said “Basically it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally”. That’s right, a soap opera. Stunts like Glenn’s death fake out is exactly the kind of bullshit that you would expect from the daytime dramas that your momma used to watch. Instead of blowing a blood vessel, I’m going to take off my rant pants and move on.

Aside from the Glenn drama, the rest of the episode was fairly solid. There are a few threats that are brewing. One, the Wolf that Morgan is hiding from when Alexandria was attacked. Second, the gun-toting newbie, Ron Anderson. I’m sure we’re being led on by the writers, but Ron seems to have it out for Carl.

The end of the episode actually left me excited for the next episode, which is also the mid-season finale. Right as Glenn and Enid set the green balloons free as a signal, a damaged tower came crashing down, opening a large section of Alexandria’s wall.

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