TV Review: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Season 1, Episode 4

Posted on September 22, 2015 by

Wakey, wakey! Travis and Madison are starting to smell the roses, or in this case, dead bodies. And no, we’re not talking about walkers here.

The entire neighborhood is quarantined. The only separation between the cast and the apocalypse is a chain-link fence. Oh, and a few tanks. The military is in full control and they let you know it. There may be a slight ego problem. If you’re not military, you’re not leaving the “safe zone”. There are a couple exceptions to this, of course.

Exception 1

You can cut the chain-link fence. Who would have thought that this was an option? After Chris shows Travis the footage he took of a flashing light outside of the quarantine, Travis brushes it off. Travis loves him some military action right now. After all, they do let him play mayor. Madison pays attention to Chris and decides to check it out. While investigating, the military patrol approaches Madison. To avoid getting caught, she hides under a car and notices that not all of the dead bodies are those of the infected.

Exception 2

The military can take you out. We learn of an off-site medical facility as we are introduced to Dr. Exner. She’s not big on smiling. If you’re ill, battling depression, or addicted to drugs, you’re as good as gone. Seriously, get out. We see the military drag Nick away, leaving Madison behind. Meanwhile, Lisa decides to leave Chris behind to play doctor at the medical facility.

The episode ends with Travis sitting on the rooftop at night. Now, able to see a little better, he notices the flashes of light that Chris was talking about. Except this time, there was gunfire. Thanks to the tip from Travis, the military was made aware that someone was alive outside of the quarantine. Time for that eggs and bakey.

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