Rest Easy, Leatherface

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Earlier this month, we lost another horror icon. Gunnar Hansen, best known for his role as Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, passed away at his home in Northeast Harbor. Leatherface is known to be one of the most iconic horror icons to date and we have Gunnar to thank. To prepare for the role, Gunnar visited children with special needs to develop the character.


After The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he co-stared in Demon Lover but decided to go back to school and take up writing after the shooting was complete, turning down a role for The Hills Have Eyes in the process.

Not everyone was as sorry to see him go so soon. Andrew Bryniarski had a couple of things to say:



And my favorite:


I find it hard to believe that this was really Andrew. If it was, he really needs to check himself. We get it, you played in Batman. He didn’t play the caped crusader, so he can c’mon down off his high horse (which I’m assuming is as terrifying looking as he is).

I have to be honest with you, Leatherface holds a dear place in my heart. Not because he’s some sort of lovable teddy bear, but because he terrified the shit out of me with his mannerisms and unstoppable strength. Gunnar made the character seem so genuine and realistic that as a child, I really thought that a person with a mental handicap played the role . Face’s off to you, Mr.Hansen. Thanks for scaring the absolute hell out of me in my early years.

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