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Listen up, horror fans! Here’s your chance to contribute to the horror community. The Hollywood Horror Museum is looking for pledges on Kickstarter to help get the museum up and running this year.

About the Museum

The Hollywood Horror Museum will be the world’s first interactive horror museum. The idea is to have interactive elements that provide insight on how things were made. Including, but not limited to special effects, makeup, writing, and costumes showcased in film, art, literature, and pop culture.

The museum will be a traveling exhibit from 2016 – 2018 until a permanent location can be nailed down in North Hollywood California.

Founding Board Members

  • Clive Barker (Hellraiser, Nightbreed)
  • Sean S. Cunningham (Friday the 13th, Last House on the Left)
  • Joe Dante (The Howling, Gremlins)
  • Mick Garris (Masters of Horror, The Stand)
  • Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night)
  • Victoria Price (Daughter of Vincent Price)
  • Sara Karloff (Daughter of Boris Karloff)
  • Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog, Mario Bava)
  • Jennifer Lynch (Boxing Helena, The Walking Dead)

So far, at the time of this writing, only $6,236 of the $21,600 goal has been reached. If everyone can pull together and contribute what they can, this goal will be achieved in no time at all. Only 20 more days left to go on the Kickstarter campaign. Click here to contribute to The Hollywood Horror Museum.

The Hollywood Horror Museum

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