Film Review: ‘Cooties’ (2014)

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I’m not sure if I will ever eat chicken nuggets again, and it has nothing to do with the potential threat of turning my kids into zombies by consuming contaminated meat. The opening scene provides some insight on how chicken nuggets are made. Hands down the grossest scene in the entire movie. Anywho, let’s move on with the review.

I have been waiting months for Cooties. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that I built it up way too much in my head. Not saying that it was bad, but I was really hoping that Cooties was going to be able to share the horror comedy platform with the ranks of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. In fact, I feel Cooties would have been a stronger film at a shorter length, perhaps as part of an anthology. Now that I think about it, an anthology film would have been fantastic.

I don’t want to give too much away, but if you have seen the trailer, you already know the entire plot. The virus is consumed through a contaminated chicken nugget and continues to spread after a pissed off little zombie girl gets her revenge on the class bullies. Speaking of zombies, the movie never really addresses that the kids are zombies. Traditionally, they play the part, with the exception of retaining their motor skills. Also, if you have grass on the playing field, you’re good. This virus only attacks those who have not gone through puberty.

The cast had decent chemistry together. Elijah Wood played his character perfectly and Rainn Wilson is always good for a few laughs. The real treat for me though was whenever we got to see how Rick, played by Jorge Garcia, was holding up in his van. Rick decided to take a shroom brake right as the outbreak was kicking up. Afraid to leave the van, Rick had front row seats to all of the playground carnage.

Overall, I enjoyed Cooties. Although a little slow-paced after a bit, I recommend that you check this one out. It is refreshing to have a new spin on the over-saturated zombie market that we have going on right now. If you do decide to watch it, don’t forget the chicken nuggets!

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